Listen To DJ Snake’s Long Awaited Justin Bieber Collab


DJ Snake‘s debut album Encore is finally out today after many months of anticipation. While we’ve already heard several tracks from it, the Justin Bieber collaboration, “Let Me Love You,” has been getting a lot of attention ever since it was teased a few weeks back, and the song’s hashtag began trending worldwide yesterday ahead of its release.

“Let Me Love You” is every bit as catchy as you’d expect it to be and further affirms Bieber as a collaborator with guaranteed success. Expanding on the style that DJ Snake forged with Major Lazer last year on “Lean On,” the single features an uplifting summery vibe, and Bieber’s vocals take the lead throughout the song. With danceable rhythms and radio friendly pop hooks, their collab has all the makings of a full fledged hit.

DJ Snake‘s chart tested productions have seen him dominate the air waves in the past, and we’re sure “Let Me Love You” will be inescapable over the next few months. The new album features a number of other major collaborations in addition to the Bieber single as well, with names like Skrillex, George Maple and Yellow Claw gracing its tracklist, leading us to believe that it will no doubt be one of the biggest dance albums of the year.