Listen To Feed Me’s “Strobe” Remix


There are few tracks from the EDM era that can truly be regarded as classics. In a time where producers churn out disposable music at an alarming rate, it’s become rare for a song to achieve lasting success and manage to grab hold of our ever shorter attention spans in an endless sea of digital releases. With 2009’s “Strobe” however, deadmau5 managed to release one of the most beloved and memorable efforts to come out of the latest wave of electronic music and the song is still highly regarded by fans today.

Producer Jon Gooch has been on a hot streak this year with new releases under both his Feed Me and Spor aliases, including the recently released Family Reunion and Black Eyed EPs. Now, a live video shared by Kill The Noise gives us our first taste of an unreleased “Strobe” remix under the Feed Me project.

The brief clip runs for less than a minute as Gooch drops the remix during a live set, and from what we can hear he’s worked up a harder edged version of the iconic tune. The familiar arpeggio patterns open the rework, before it divulges into a bass driven house drop. It’s not much to go off, but we’re definitely looking forward to an official release of Feed Me‘s take on “Strobe.”