Listen To What Martin Solveig’s +1 Adds To The Future House Formula


We feel like we shouldn’t like Martin Solveig‘s new track, “+1,” but we’re not gonna lie, it’s actually pretty hot. It’s been apparent that the French producer has had future house in his crosshairs since his GTA collaboration, “Intoxicated,” in January – and while his new song is even more of an aberration from the standard deep house formula, that’s kind of what makes it worth talking about.

Driven more by poppy yet soulful lyrics than by its vogueishly stripped-down bass line, “+1” also incorporates the high-energy percussive elements of Solveig’s progressive house roots into its unconventional stylistic hodgepodge. While that might sound to some like the makings of a musical disaster, it’s resulted in a track as radio friendly as it is club friendly; an accessible fusion that will guarantee it substantial radio play as the height of festival season approaches.

Pete Tong debuted the song on BBC Radio 1, but its official release through Spinnin’ Deep is scheduled for June 8th.

Give Martin Solveig‘s “+1” a listen above and tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

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