Listen To The Chemical Brothers’ Bonus Track From Their Recent Album


The Chemical Brothers knocked it out of the park on their recent album, Born in the Echoes – so much so that even the material deemed unsuitable for the effort exceeds expectations. The ’90s big beat legends apparently had more quality music than they knew what to do with, as they’ve released a bonus track to follow up the album in the form of “Wo-Ha.”

Showcasing the less-is-more genius evident in tracks like “Under Neon Lights” and “Just Bang” from their recent effort, “Wo-Ha” succeeds in seeming oddly familiar despite being distinctly a song of its own. Microtonal atmospheric elements compliment a stripped-down drum pattern, and a simple vocal sample contrasts with the dissonance of what melody exists in the arrangement.

We would like to think that this means we won’t have to wait five more years for additional releases from The Chemical Brothers. Amid a contemporary generation of artists who seem to have trouble putting together cohesive concept albums, some of the elder statesmen of dance music have demonstrated an uncanny ability to remain relevant in the larger ideas that they bring to their music.

Listen to “Wo-Ha” by The Chemical Brothers above and let us know what you think of the track by commenting below.

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