Everybody Listens To Techno By Destructo


Gary Richards A.K.A. Destructo has been a staple of the SoCal scene for over 20 years, but between running promotional company HARD and waging a legal battle with Insomniac Events Co-Founder Pasquale Rotella he hasn’t put out that much new music as of late. For that reason alone, even though there isn’t much of anything special about his new track, “Techno,” everybody’s talking about it.

“Techno” – which, ironically, we would categorized somewhere between mid-tempo and electro house – features minimalistic production elements. Simple sawtooth synths are occasionally matched by the acid house squelch of a Roland TB-303 synthesizer, but the core of the arrangement is built around a sample of the phrase “Nobody listens to techno” – a reference to the much-maligned lyric from Eminem’s 2002 anthem “Without Me.”

An accompanying video uses cell-shaded CG to depict an industrial assembly line of the iconic smiley faces which would become the symbol of acid house in the ’90s. We get it, Gary, you’re old.

Listen to Destructo‘s “Techno” above and tell us if you expect the track to wind up in your queue this fall by commenting below.