Little Mix Set Their Standards On New Song “You Gotta Not”


Little Mix’s new songs are all about girl-power, and if their huge single, “Shout Out To My Ex,” didn’t convince you enough, their new track will show you that they’ve got a bone to pick with ex-lovers and even potential lovers, too.

“You Gotta Not” is the latest track to get unleashed from the group’s upcoming album, Glory Days, and the song is almost a continuation of their previous single lyrically, despite being drastically different sonically. Both feature punchy pop moments, but while “Ex” was more on the ballad side, “You Gotta Not” is nothing but a party (think “Grown” from Get Weird).

Lyric wise, “Ex” talks all about how Little Mix are better off without their former flames, but the new track details exactly what they don’t want from their next relationship – probably to avoid the whole “having to shout out their ex” thing again. Featuring a laundry list of things that a future man’s “gotta not” do – like not bump to The Weeknd or argue with their friends – the lyrics will easily bring a smile to your face if the key change from the first verse and chorus to the next doesn’t do it before.

Little Mix’s “Shout Out To My Ex” single is doing extremely well right now, so it’s a bit questionable as to why they’re going to release an even better song so soon. Either way, we don’t mind, and you’ll be able to hear everything else that Glory Days has to offer when it’s out on November 18th.