Lose Yourself In Nero’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix


UK electronic music trio Nero has certainly been one of the more highly anticipated acts to pop back up on the EDM world’s collective radar in 2015. This weekend saw the release of a their new full-length effort, Between II Worlds, and they’ve followed it up with a spectacle of a BBC Radio 1 essential mix.

Four years after having played such a memorable role in the dubstep breakthrough of 2010-11, the outfit returned to the mainstream consciousness with an update production style. The mix builds on this hype by showcasing their how their dynamic song selection could complement the change in direction.

Regarding the mix, Joe Ray explained:

The idea behind this mix was to create a journey through some older tracks that we love, going back as far as the ’70s right through present day. Tracks on there span from Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode to Björk, and Underworld and then to newer stuff leading into songs from our new ablum.

Listen to Nero‘s BBC Radio 1 essential mix below, and if you like the trio’s new sound, make sure to buy their new album, Between II Worlds, on iTunes.

Nero - Essential Mix (BBC Radio 1) - 12-Sep-2015 by Edmninja on Mixcloud