Lost Kings Switch Up Their Style On “Something Good”


There’s no time like the beginning of festival season for an electronic music act to prove that they’re more than a one-trick pony. Lost Kings had already demonstrated that they were capable of formulating a unique and instantly recognizable sound, but their latest track, “Something Good,” sees the duo branch out even further.

All the way through last week’s “Marathon,” Lost Kings’ releases have featured sound design consistencies that have set them apart from similar future/deep house on the market. Stepping outside of their comfort zone, they instead compliment the soulful vocals of “Something Good” with pad synths reminiscent of future bass for yet another personalized spin on the four-four formula.

While not quite as iconic as the rich, layered pluck sound that’s become the duo’s calling card, you actually have to respect that they won’t settle for resting on their laurels and repeating a formula simply because they know it will succeed.

“Something Good” is the second release from Lost Kings‘ The Good EP and can be found on Spotify. Check it out and as always, drop a comment and let us know what you think.