Lost Kings Tackle Electronic Obsession With “Phone Down”


Lost Kings are back with another single, teaming up with vocalist Emily Warren on a new song that aims to tackle our culture’s obsession with electronic devices. Titled “Phone Down,” the duo’s latest effort tells the tale of someone constantly glued to the glow of their smart phone’s screen, jilting their lover along the way.

“Phone Down” sees Lost Kings employing their usual formula, striking a balance between pristine pop hooks and forward thinking dance music. Sonically, the duo fill the song with echoed guitar plucks and smooth trap rhythms with skittering hi hats. Emily Warren’s profanity laden vocals are both soulful and poignant as she spins a narrative about her lover’s incessant phone use, with her singing serving as the single’s primary focus. “Phone Down” features some tremendously catchy choruses, as jaunty piano notes craft an earworm of a melody set against upbeat rhythms.

With its fresh sound and contemporary message, “Phone Down” ranks as a memorable effort from Lost Kings that’s truly elevated by some great vocal hooks.