Lucas & Steve “Make It Right” With Their Latest Track


After recent events suggested that Spinnin’ Records might be trying to redefine its post-EDM bubble sound, fans can take solace in knowing that Spinnin’ Deep will likely remain the way it is (which is not even remotely deep, but we’ll pick our battles). The sub-label’s most recent release, “Make It Right” by Lucas & Steve, makes for a tastefully melodic iteration of the main stage formula.

A radio-friendly vocal is accompanied by glimmering synth work and an invigorating buildup in “Make It Right.” Lucas & Steve’s production style favors more delicate sound design elements over barbaric hoover synth stacks or heavily modulated bass lines, and it gives the whole of the arrangement a more club-friendly vibe.

As for the release date of the track, Lucas & Steve‘ “Make It Right” will release through Spinnin’ Deep on March 14th. Listen to song above and let us know if you’ll be looking out for it.

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