Lulacruza Brings Latin Electro-Folk To The U.S.


Following the release of their newest album, OrcasLulacruza is embarking on a tour to bring Latin Electro-Folk stateside on an 18 stop adventure. Recorded on Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest, their aim with the album is to “delve into deeper waters, leaving ripples in your core,” and it does just that with an exquisite latin charm.

The duo is comprised of Alejandra Ortiz and Luis Maurette, and has received critical acclaim from both Huffington Post and Rolling Stone for their endeavors. Their sound is heavily influenced by South American folklore and ritual, showcased by extensive use of traditional instruments such as the charango and bombo legüero. Now touring for their fourth studio album, Lulacruza has perfected the delicate balance between shamanic acoustics and electronic processing. Check out this interview from Envision Festival in Costa Rica to learn more about their creative process.

Scope the full list of tour dates below, and don’t miss this rare opportunity to catch Lulacruza in the U.S.