Machine Gun Kelly launches genderless nail polish line

Photograph via Stefan Brending (Wikimedia Commons)

Celebrities often launch other ventures once they are a big enough name. Dr. Dre got into headphones, Eminem has been slinging spaghetti to hungry folks lately, and now Machine Gun Kelly has moved from music to beauty products.

As reported by Women’s Wear Daily earlier today, the artist – whose real name is Colson Baker – now has a collection of nail polishes dubbed UN/DN Laqr to his name. MGK says inspired by creativity for all, self-expression and was developed in collaboration with the Unlisted Brand Lab which helps bring items from the nebulous to hard reality stage of life.

“I don’t like to just stop at clothes when it comes to expressing who I am,” a statement from Baker reads. “Nail polish serves as a true vessel of self-expression – I can express myself one way today and do it all again tomorrow with something different. When I do my nails, that’s me wearing my own thoughts. It’s intention, every color has a purpose.”

The collection includes ten colors and five topcoats. There will also be three paint splatter polishes and each shade has a vegan and cruelty-free status. Names include “Party Favor” to describe a pink hue and “Mary Jane” for a green one, perhaps an ode to his romantic first words to his current partner, Megan Fox, “I am weed.”

Prices range from $18 for a polish to $52 and $86, respectively, for sets and kits with free shipping for larger orders. For Kelly and his team, the goal is for their customers to make something memorable.

“Now go create epic sh*t,” a tagline on reads.

The product is only available on the site listed above for the time being. As a man who has had his nails done before alongside a pedicure, I am not afraid to say I don’t hate this. It is quite relaxing and really should be more available.

Harry Styles also recently got into the genderless nail polish game. His new beauty company, Pleasing, offers nail polish and beauty products. Lil Yachty, however, exited his genderless nail polish company just six months after its launch, so we’ll see how Styles and MGK fare in the beauty business.

What do you think of Machine Gun Kelly’s newest venture? Is there a celebrity or public figure you wish would do something similar? Are you a man who enjoys getting his nails done or a woman who does not? Let us know below.