Macklemore Debuts Powerful “Drug Dealer” Music Video


Macklemore is doing something very different with his new track “Drug Dealer.” Aside from the fact that it’s the first song from the “Thrift Shop” rapper since releasing his record with Ryan Lewis back in February, it’s also the first music that he’s debuting without his musical partner-in-crime in quite a while. Credited as only Macklemore, “Drug Dealer” is his most personal song yet, and it now has a dark music video to accompany it.

Directed by Jason Koenig, a regular collaborator with the artist, the music video is simple yet powerful. It presents Macklemore at his worst, going through withdrawal symptoms in the confines of his bedroom and shower. By the end, he’s seen at a group meeting for his addiction, but not until facing what appears to be rock bottom. Guest vocalist Ariana Deboo makes an appearance in the video, too, but Macklemore is far and away the star of a topic that he’s had much experience with in the past.

“Drug Dealer” was created by Macklemore to serve as a song for his MTV documentary, Prescription for Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis, which aired earlier this month. Check out its new visual accompaniment in the player above and leave us a comment in the usual spot letting us know what you think of it.