Magic! Have “No Regrets” With New Music Video


Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard much from MAGIC! lately. Though the Canadian reggae-pop band recently released an album, Primary Colours, this past July, they haven’t exactly lit up the airwaves like they did so mightily back in 2014 with their hit, “Rude.” However, that doesn’t mean their new material isn’t worth giving a go — the band’s music video for “No Regrets” premiered today, and it’s a great reason as to why they should still be on everyone’s radar.

The video for “No Regrets” is beautifully made, and it supplements the slow building pop ballad perfectly. As the band performs the song in a broken and destroyed home, vocalist Nasri Atweh reconnects with a lost love hoping to rekindle the relationship, this time with “no regrets.” It’s a stark contrast from their “Rude” days, as the band tries to win back the girl rather than win over her father.

Primary Colours was hardly the success that the band or label were hoping for after such a promising start with their first record – it only peaked at 124 on the Billboard 200 chart, while their Don’t Kill The Magic debut hit number six. Regardless, with songs like the catchy “Lay You Down Easy” and “No Regrets,” MAGIC! prove with their new music that passing on them now is just, well … rude.