Major Lazer Drop Diwali Version Of “Cold Water”


Earlier in the month, Diplo revealed that his dancehall trio Major Lazer would be releasing an Indian version of their latest hit, “Cold Water.” The new version of the familiar tune was released in conjunction with Diwali, or the festival of lights, an annual Indian tradition that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Now that the celebration is complete, the new rendition of “Cold Water” has hit the internet for streaming.

The Diwali rework of “Cold Water” sounds about how you’d expect, as Major Lazer fill the backdrop behind Justin Bieber’s vocal hooks with traditional Indian instrumentation. The remix opens with a stunning string section and Bieber’s voice, soon joined by tabla percussion and exotic flute sounds that bring an Eastern edge to the tune. The new sound selection suits “Cold Water” well and the results are definitely interesting to hear.

To coincide with the Diwali version of the single, Diplo also took to Twitter to announce that Major Lazer will be releasing new music in Janaury. Fans have been waiting for the follow up to 2015’s Peace Is The Mission for a while now, and it looks like Love Is The Weapon will be out at the beginning of next year.

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