Major Lazer Teams Up With MØ Once Again On Lost


We couldn’t forget Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s monumental collaboration with singer MØ even if we wanted to – which, to be fair, we do. “Lean On” became such a ubiquitous theme of the 2015 festival season that it’s been stuck in our heads literally the entire five months it’s been out, so we’re pretty happy to learn that Major Lazer has teamed up with MØ once more on something that’s completely different.

Featuring the blend of Jamaican dancehall elements and vibrant sound design characteristic of Major Lazer, “Lost” is actually a bold reimagining of a song by Odd Future’s Frank Ocean. Telling the story of a romance mired in criminal mischief, MØ’s vocals contrast not only with those of the original, but also with the ones she contributed for “Lean On.” While it’s hard to see this track achieving the sort of runaway success that their former collaboration did, it’s interesting to see what the combination of artists yield with this kind of creative process.

Give “Lost” by Major Lazer featuring MØ a listen above and tell us, does it sound as good as what you’ve come to expect in the wake of the popularity of “Lean On?” Tell us why or why not in the comments section below.

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