Major Lazer Teams Up With Showtek On “Believer”


Major Lazer are back today with a new single titled “Believer.” Following up on the tremendous success of their previous effort, “Cold Water” with Justin Bieber, the dancehall trio are back at it again, this time teaming up with Showtek to deliver their latest collaboration.

“Believer” kicks off with a plucked melody and reggae style vocals, layered over ambient pads and half time rhythms. As the song begins to wind up, electrifying synths start to play an energetic melody as rising percussion pushes it forward into a trap drop, complete with hard hitting 808 beats. A sinister motif repeats throughout “Believer,” which grows gradually more and more spastic moving towards the end of the track, culminating with a wildly unexpected hardstyle drop.

Compared to their more pop oriented efforts like “Cold Water” and “Lean On,” Major Lazer craft a festival leaning track on the new Showtek collaboration. “Believer” touches on a number of different genres, ranging from dancehall to trap and hardstyle, and they gain points for trying something different.

“Believer” is available now and can be purchased here.