Malaa’s “Fade” Sounds An Awful Lot Like Their Last Track


For a duo consisting of two hitmakers holding down opposite ends of the dance music spectrum, Malaa might be embarking on an unfortunate stylistic trend. DJ Snake and Tchami have continued to channel their G house musings for the endeavor, but their new release, “Fade,” sounds unavoidably similar to the last track they put out.

Don’t get us wrong, “Fade” pops – it just borrows a little too heavily from November’s “Notorious.” The sinister bass line, while not in exactly the same key, sets an all-too-comparable tone, and the atmospheric vocal sample echoes are too similar not to mention.

For what it’s worth, though, the terrifying promotional art for “Fade” is actually reason enough to click on it. Something about the image’s gaping mouth doubling as its eye sockets just is too subversive not to love.

Besides that, it goes without saying that Malaa‘s “Fade” could have been nothing more than a singular miss for the duo. Take a listen for yourself though and see what you think.

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