Mark Johns Shares Two New Singles Ahead Of Upcoming EP


In the dance music industry, an endorsement from Skrillex can mean the difference between securing a thriving career and remaining in obscurity. The “Scary Monsters” producer has frequently pushed Mark Johns as one of the more promising up and coming singers in the game, ultimately signing her to his esteemed OWSLA collective. Ahead of the release of her debut EP at the end of the month, the artist has now offered up two new singles, “Molino” and “Before You.”

“Molino” features a future trap production with ambient atmosphere and laidback beats as Johns croons a tale of moving to the big city. With twinkling synths and echoed string melodies layered over booming sub kicks, the new single serves up a mellow but encapsulating sound.

“Before You” is a bit more upbeat, featuring Johns’ recognizable vocal delivery layered over trip hop rhythms and plucky bell melodies. Striking a balance between infectious pop hooks and wonky dance productions values, “Before You” is another strong offering that bodes well for the upcoming EP.

With her sultry voice and forward thinking songwriting, it’s not hard to see why Skrillex has gotten behind Mark Johns. The Molino EP is set to be released on October 28, but you can grab the pre-order now and receive the title track and “Before You” as instant downloads.