Markus Schulz’ Cathedral (Montreal) Is An Unexpected Departure


It seems like one EDM artist after another is jumping on the house/techno bandwagon these days. When none other than trance superstar Markus Schulz himself even follows suit, you know it’s a full-blown trend.

As explained in the accompanying SoundCloud blurb – which makes sure to point out that Schulz released this kind of music on labels like Bedrock and Yoshitoshi many years ago – “Cathedral (Montreal)” is a dark after hours groove that Schulz released through his Dakota alias. A greasy, filtered bass line is slowly built upon by understated synth melodies before the breakdown, which introduces a reverberant moog synth melody into the arrangement.

Although “Cathedral (Montreal)” is Markus Schulz‘ only release under his Dakota pseudonym in over a year, considering the recent dance music landscape, it stands to reason that his fans could see more of the same from the DJ/producer in the months to follow.