Markus Schulz Reveals Notorious ID


At the beginning of 2015, Markus Schulz embarked on a “City Series” tour with a unique self-imposed challenge. The producer is aiming to create a track in every city of the tour, influenced by the sounds of each venue and supplemented with recorded elements of his live show. The concept has provided an interesting departure from a normal tour, offering fans a unique sonic interpretation of their hometowns, and has already produced hits such as the Miami inspired “Bayfront,” and San Francisco’s “Golden Gate.”

In anticipation of this year’s Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium, Schulz has released “Daybreak” as the newest addition to the “City Series.” Available on July 20th, “Daybreak” has been rapping the minds of trance lovers for some time as an enticing ID in Schulz’ live sets. The track is a beautiful collection of sequenced synths, supplemented by the crisp percussion that we’ve come to expect from Markus Schulz. Empowered leads, evocative melodies, and a charging tempo all combine to make “Daybreak” a classically rendered trance anthem.

Have a listen above and tell us what you think!