Maroon 5 Readying New Single Featuring Kendrick Lamar


Maroon 5 have something up their sleeves, and it’s about new music. After over two years since the release of their last album, V, the band is ready to head into the next era – they’ll be coming out with a new single called “I Don’t Want To Know” featuring a guest spot by none other than rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Lead singles from Maroon 5 are typically shrouded in mystery with weeks of hype leading up from the band, but this time, the beans were spilled early by radio industry website FMQB. The site lists the track heading for mainstream radio on October 18th, which means it could see an official release as early as the 15th.

Another surprise here that is unlike Maroon 5: the band actually played the song live earlier this month, and a video of it can be seen above. The live version naturally doesn’t feature Kendrick, but the song itself is still catchy, albeit a bit simple.

As usual, frontman Adam Levine has vocals that are absolutely on point. The studio version will surely be spiced up a bit production wise, and the addition of Kendrick will add a different dynamic to it, but what we have so far sounds pretty promising. No word on whether this song is just going to be a one off or part of an album – the band hasn’t even acknowledged it yet – but whatever it is, it’s worth getting excited for.