Marshmello And Slushii Celebrate Valentines Day With “WaNT U 2” VIP


Whether you subscribe to pro- or anti-Valentine’s Day sentiments, Marshmello and Slushii’s variation in production of “WaNT U 2” will put you in a decidedly more festive head space. The two as-yet-unidentified DJ/producers joined forces to improve upon Marshmello’s original, which was released in the spring of last year.

The VIP’s sound design alone blows that of the original out of the water. Marshmello leaned too heavily on a handful of the same sample pack-y synths when he first started releasing music, and while the plucks in the updated version aren’t anything revolutionary from a production standpoint, they compliment the arrangement much better. Most significantly, though, the trap drop of the original has been replaced with the reverberant pads of a future bass break.

Really, though, do we need another EDM DJ to jump on the slow reveal bandwagon? If it felt like Marshmello was copycatting Zhu when he came on the scene, then Slushii is flat-out stealing the gimmick – whoever he actually is (some speculate bass music DJ/producer Ookay) couldn’t even be bothered to come up with something other than an anthropomorphic junk food item when deciding on his alter ego.

Marshmello doesn’t seem to mind the imitation, however. As electronic music artists toil away to release tracks that will sweep across the world as festival season approaches, time will tell if the two artists team up on additional productions.

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