Marshmello Debuts Ookay Collab At Sunset Music Festival


Masked DJ/producer Marshmello is becoming a hot topic in the EDM world for all the wrong reasons. The artist formerly known as Dotcom endured a savage Twitter callout from none other than renowned troll deadmau5, and the Ookay collaboration he debuted last weekend only makes him more of an easy target.

Whatever this unreleased ID is called, it has a sing-songy quality that seems like a better fit for the theme song of a children’s program on PBS than something you play at a music festival. It’s hard to draw accurate conclusions about the sound design due to the recording quality, but the arrangement is grating enough to make me hope I don’t hear it out too often this summer.

Neither Marshmello nor Ookay have revealed a title, track date or any other information, but once the release any other details pertaining to the new collab, we’ll be sure to let you know.