Marshmello Drops New Music Video For 2015 Song “Summer”


Following up on his New Year’s Eve fling with Skrillex, Marshmello is back this week to offer up a new music video for his song “Summer.” Despite the fact that “Summer” was originally released back in 2015, and that it’s the dead of winter, the masked musician is reviving the tune with a visual accompaniment starring internet personality Lele Pons.

The music video for “Summer” centers around a skating rink that Marshmello works at, with Lele Pons serving as his love interest. She approaches the DJ with a note asking him to skate with her, which is all well and good until Marshmello’s conniving boss shows up to complicate things. We even get a cameo from the laughing bully from the “Alone” video, who basically reprises the same role here.

Questions about human-marshmallow relations aside, the video is a cutesy visual pair up for the melodic trap tune that serves the source material well. Like in the “Alone” video, Marshmello is presented as an outcast who reaches his goals by not caring what his detractors think, which seems to be a part of his message.