Marshmello Returns To High School For “Alone” Video


Marshmello dropped a new music video this week for his recent single “Alone” that sees the masked producer returning to the awkward days of high school as he tries to fit in.

The premise for the “Alone” video is simple but effective. Marshmello plays his adolescent self as he wanders the halls of his high school, constantly being picked on by bullies while trying to catch the attention of a girl from his class. She goes to his house to deliver a rejection note, but stumbles upon him practicing his DJ skills. As the word spreads around school about his musical nature, the students who once picked on the Mellogang leader join his rabid fanbase.

To make the video even better, Marshmello even throws some subtle shade at deadmau5, touching on the two producers’ ongoing feud. In the beginning of the video we see the jet puffed DJ feeding his pet mouse, and a name tag on the cage reveals the rodent’s name to be Joel – a clear reference to deadmau5′ real name Joel Zimmerman.

Check it out for yourself above and as always, drop a comment letting us know what you think.