Marshmello’s Wrabel Collab “Ritual” Gets A Release Date

Marshmello‘s Ritual Tour has been underway for nearly a month now and already we’ve seen the masked DJ touch down in China, Korea and India, but the song that serves as the tour’s namesake has still yet to be released.

The anonymous producer first began teasing “Ritual” earlier in the summer when he tested it out during one of his performances, and fans have been impatiently waiting ever since. Now that the corresponding tour is well underway, Marshmello has finally revealed the release date for “Ritual.”

Slated to become one of his biggest songs, “Ritual” is scheduled for release on November 1. Fans have been looking forward to this collaboration for a while now, so the Mellogang will definitely be pleased by the news of an official release date.

The preview for “Ritual” definitely had us excited for the single when it first surfaced and our anticipation hasn’t subsided. Sonically, it has many of the familiar elements of Marshmello‘s style, including gooey synth melodies and uplifting beats, interspersed between vocal focused sections. It has a real magical sound to it and we can’t wait for the full song to drop.