Does Martin Garrix Have A Collaboration With Justin Bieber Coming Up?


In a recent interview, Martin Garrix hinted at the possibility of a collaboration with pop superstar Justin Bieber. Speaking with Capital FM, Garrix revealed that not only are he and Bieber pals, but a song co-written by the two musicians could very well happen in the future.

A collab between the two artists wouldn’t seem outside of the realm of possibilities considering Bieber’s assimilation into the dance music scene with Jack Ü, as well as the fact that both Bieber and Garrix are managed by Scooter Braun. Although there’s no concrete details regarding a song with the pop star, Garrix did mention that “there’s some rough ideas going back and forth. One day.”

So, we at least know something is in the works, but there’s no telling when an actual song will surface. Considering the success both artists have had in dance music though, it’s safe to say a Martin Garrix produced single with Bieber’s vocals would be a huge release.