Martin Garrix Debuts Unreleased ID At Indy 500 Snake Pit


Martin Garrix remained quiet on the release front for the beginning of 2016, but with festival season ramping up he appears eager to strike while the iron is hot. The Dutch progressive house DJ/producer just made waves with last week’s release of “Lions In The Wild,” and he’s now built up additional momentum by premiering even more unreleased music.

During his performance at Indy 500 Snake Pit (the electronic music event that coincides with the Indy 500 Races in Indiana), Garrix dropped a lighthearted track predicated on melodic vocal cuts. An 8-bit-reminiscent synth lead occupies segments of the song with a distinctly more downplayed vibe than the rest, making for an enjoyable track that we’re eager to hear more of.

As of right now, Martin Garrix has yet to announce a title, release date or any other information for the new song. He has revealed though that his next release will be “Name Of Love,” which he played out at Ultra Music Festival in March. We don’t know exactly when he’s set to drop it, but once it’s available we’ll be sure to let you know.

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