Martin Garrix Drops First Two Of Seven Tracks For ADE


On Friday, Martin Garrix announced to fans that in celebration of Amsterdam Dance Event, he would be releasing seven new tracks across seven consecutive days, coinciding with the Netherlands based festival. With the commencement of ADE, the first two of Garrix’s promised seven have surfaced with “WIEE” and “Sun Is Never Going Down” hitting the internet for streaming.

First up is “WIEE,” Garrix’s second collaboration with Mesto. The track gets the party going straight from the get go with a steady 8 bar drum intro before a whistled melody enters the mix as the tune begins to grow in intensity. Moving into the drops, Garrix and Mesto craft intricate rhythms with offbeat synth chords and staccato plucks intersecting the four on the floor beats.

Next up is “Sun Is Never Going Down” featuring Dawn Golden. After a beat driven intro, the percussion drops out as a soothing chord progression shimmers beneath some stunning vocal hooks, as Garrix gradually works the energy up. Anthemic drops commence as massive synth stabs carve out an enticing sequence over mainstage ready rhythms.

It’s always a treat to get new material from Martin Garrix and the Dutch DJ doesn’t disappoint with his two latest offerings. “WIEE” and “Sun Is Never Going Down” both rank as solid releases and we can’t wait to hear the other five new tunes over the next several days.