Martin Garrix And Dyro Tease A Long Awaited Collaboration


Martin Garrix has everyone’s attention right now. After splitting from Spinnin’ Records, dropping “Poison,” and announcing the start of his own label, it seems Garrix is doing just fine for himself. Coupled with Dyro’s own flourishing career and his success with WOLV, it’s only natural for these two to get in the studio together.

Still, this isn’t the first time they’ve taunted a collaboration. Back in 2013, they posted a photo of them working together in a studio, but we never actually saw any material come of it. Now, an Instagram upload shows them both relaxing in the Garrix Lab, supplemented by a Snapchat teaser.

The clip sounds like a typical Garrix lead at the start, but rapidly evolves into something incredibly refined. Vastly different than both artists’ styles, you can hear elements of future bass, intricate percussion, and what sounds like an idyllic harp tying it all together.

Could this be the first release on Martin Garrix‘s new label? Considering he’s quoted saying, “I want different genres, not just one,” this might just set the tone for what to expect. Either way, we’re hyped for this one.