Martin Garrix, Justin Mylo And Mesto To Release “Bouncy Bob” For Free


Martin Garrix had quite an eventful 2015, not the least of which took the form of musical releases. While he really set out to redefine himself as a serious artist this year, there’s still the matter of “Bouncy Bob,” his collaboration with Justin Mylo and Mesto.

The title alone gives away that the track was meant to be tongue in cheek, but its disjointed synthesis of big room and future house is the source of most of its quirk. Martin Garrix took to Facebook to announce that he would be giving the track away at the end of 2015; how it took him half a year to realize that “Bouncy Bob” wouldn’t be a major cash cow is beyond us.

Either way, “Bouncy Bob” by Martin Garrix, Justin Mylo and Mesto will be available for free download on December 31st. If you plan to grab a copy of the track, let us know in the comments section.