Martin Garrix Reveals That His First Full-Length Album Is On The Way


For what appears to be the first time, Dutch progressive house superstar Martin Garrix has publicly stated that he’s in the process of working on what will be his first full-length studio album. In a broadcasted interview, he told Dutch radio program De Avondploeg (which literally translates to “the evening team”) that he’s been presenting various song ideas to his team in order to decide which ones he should develop further for the effort.

For the most part, the interview in the YouTube player above explored Garrix’s creative process with the DJ/producer sitting behind his laptop. However, when asked at one point if he generally plans special days to finish tracks, he made a casual comment which translates to the following:

I’m working on an album. I make drafts which are far more elaborate than what I’ve just done here. Then we have a sit-down with my team and discuss which tracks are good enough or not.

Considering that none of the interviewers asked follow-up questions based on what he revealed, you have to wonder if Martin Garrix fans in the Netherlands have known about his upcoming album before their North American counterparts. Either way, it looks like the young Dutchman’s finally been bitten by the album bug that’s been going around the EDM world in recent years.

Now that Martin Garrix‘s upcoming album is common knowledge, it stands to reason that we can expect to see early “leaks,” an official release date, and a tracklist from his camp in the months to follow.