Martin Garrix Shares Mysterious Image That Has Fans Wondering


Following up on the release of his new free single “Oops” for E3 this week, Dutch superstar producer Martin Garrix has shared a mysterious image on his social media today that has fans speculating. The image depicts Garrix’s logo and the date of 10.21.2016, giving no explanation for its significance though.

Fans have formulated two primary theories as to the meaning of the cryptic post, the first being that Garrix is teasing a showcase for his newly launched STMPD RCRDS at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, which coincides with the October date on the image.

The other theory postulates that the image is teasing the release date of Martin Garrix’s upcoming album, which was confirmed by the young producer himself to be due out sometime this year. The image is obviously a cleverly planned marketing tactic designed to build hype for something, and fans will just have to continue to speculate over its meaning until Garrix offers another update.

Source: Your EDM