Martin Garrix Reveals What His Next Two Releases Will Be


Martin Garrix has already made mention of his debut album a couple of times in 2016, which likely accounts for his sparse releases so far this festival season. However, the Dutch DJ/producer just revealed what the titles of his next two official tracks will be.

A fan baited Garrix by Tweeting him about the prospect of new music, which prompted the following exchange:

Garrix debuted both “Lions In The Wild” and “Name of Love” during his set at Ultra Music Festival in March, but only rips of each from the performance have been available up to this point. Needless to say, when the high-quality versions of them come out, they’ll surely find their way into countless live sets over the coming months.

Speaking of which, Martin Garrix still has yet to announce an official release date for “Lions In The Wild” or “Name of Love” – let alone his debut album. Keep on the lookout though as he’s sure to ramp up promotion for the effort in the coming months.