Martin Garrix Teases Possible Justin Bieber Collaboration


During a recent chat with MTV following a performance in Las Vegas, Martin Garrix teased some enticing possibilities that have us excited. The young producer has been enjoying a thriving music career in 2016, having recently won big at the MTV EMA’s, and his latest interview points towards an even brighter future.

In what might be the biggest takeaway from the interview, the Dutch DJ opens up about the possibility of working with pop singer Justin Bieber. Talking about his friendship with the pop star, Garrix revealed that they have quite a bit in common.

We love making music, we love writing music, and we tour, like, 90 percent of the year. So we can relate to a lot of things.

Asked about whether or not a Justin Bieber collaboration will eventually surface, Garrix simply replies “one day.” Bieber has firmly planted himself as a staple vocalist in the EDM scene at this point, so it would be only natural for the two to team up, especially now that Garrix is dabbling more in pop with efforts like “In The Name Of Love.”

In addition to hinting at a Bieber pair up, Martin Garrix also revealed that he someday hopes to launch a side project under his given name Martijn Garritsen, which would be used to release his non-EDM songs.

You can check out a preview of the interview above, and read the full thing here.