Martin Garrix Reflects On His Career With Brief New Twitter Video


As big of a year as 2015 was for Martin Garrix, the young Dutch producer is hoping to make 2016 even bigger. That’s a fact the he made clear to Twitter in a brief video interview that he did with them, where he also reflected a bit on the tremendous career he’s had up to this point.

With a debut album set to drop soon, and several huge festival appearances scheduled, all signs definitely point to the DJ having another killer year. And if his interview here is any indication, he’s looking to do everything he can to ensure that.

In the video above, he speaks about his aspirations for 2016 and how he wants to break out of the EDM mould by working with artists in other genres, which will definitely be interesting to see.

Though it could have been a bit longer, the video is still a welcome look into the mind of Martin Garrix and as we start to head into festival season, we’re more eager than ever to see what he has planned for us.

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