Martin Garrix’s New AREA21 Release Is Here


Earlier today, we told you that the second track from AREA21, Martin Garrix‘s mysterious new side project, would be arriving tomorrow. Well, it looks like the song has dropped a bit early, and we have it above for your listening pleasure. Though it’s not quite as strong AREA21’s first release, the excellent “Spaceships,” it still makes for an interesting creative departure for the young artist.

Titled “Girls,” the song sports strong production throughout and a fun, bubbly vibe. The vocals, and particularly the lyrics themselves leave a lot to be desired though, coming off as immature and just plain odd at times. I can see where the commercial value in them may lie, but they kind of ruin the song and definitely leave a bad taste.

As we said above, “Spaceships” was an impressive effort, so we’re willing to look the other way here and cough this one up to a fluke. And again, it’s not necessarily a bad track, it’s just got some strange elements to it that have left us scratching our heads.

Take a listen to “Girls” for yourself though via the player above and let us know what you think of this new song from Martin Garrix‘s mysterious AREA21 side project by dropping a comment below.