Martin Solveig Gives Flume’s “Never Be Like You” A House Rework


When Flume teamed up with vocalist Kai on what would become their single “Never Be Like You,” the Aussie producer probably didn’t expect the level of recognition the song would achieve. “Never Be Like You” served as the lead single for Flume’s sophomore effort Skin and helped bring the album to a wide audience, charting in multiple countries and hitting the number 8 spot in the US. Now, French producer and DJ Martin Solveig has delivered a new remix of the song.

Martin Solveig flips “Never Be Like You” on its head, trading in the future bass swagger from the original in favor of an upbeat house vibe. After a lengthy, beat driven intro, Kai’s familiar vocal hooks are brought in over ethereal chords and jangling percussion. A catchy horn melody takes over throughout the drops, over four on the floors kick patterns and chopped up vocal samples.

Martin Solveig succeeds in taking his remix in a new direction, delivering a fresh rendition of “Never Be Like You” that stands on its own alongside Flume’s original.

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