Mashd N Kutcher Release Adorable Video For “My Sunshine”


Australian EDM duo Mashd N Kutcher dropped what will likely go down in dance music history as one of the genre’s cutest music video offerings with “My Sunshine” this week, delivering a visual accompaniment for their recent single that focuses on a body builder and his furry best friend.

The video stars a perpetually shirtless bodybuilder and his beloved pug Sunshine, who is always by his side as he trains for an upcoming muscle man competition. However, things go awry for the central character as his rival plots to kidnap the cuddly canine, leaving his opponent demoralized just before the tournament.

Devastated by the disappearance of his dog, the hero of the video goes searching for him but comes up empty handed. Unable to find Sunshine, the body builder must enter the competition (curated by Mashd N Kutcher themselves) without his best friend in the audience.

The video comes to a close with a happy ending, and Sunshine and his bodybuilding master are eventually reunited after the dog breaks free of his captor. Serving as the perfect visual tie in to the summery track, the video for “My Sunshine” is likely to hit you right in the feels.