Mashup Of The Day – August 20, 2010

Mashup Of The Day is a column that will take a look at new mashups that are circulating around the internet. Today’s mashup is called ‘Smells Like Morning After Dark’ and is by the DJs From Mars.

The mashup is made of the following:

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Morning After Dark – Timbaland ft. SoShy and Nelly Furtado

This is one of the better mashups from DJs From Mars. Smells Like Teen Spirit provides the background music while Morning After Dark lends the vocals to the mashup. While it would have been nice to hear Cobain on the vocals, we’ll have to settle for Timbaland.

The two songs fit together pretty well and Morning After Dark definitely takes the spotlight as it is used most often. Unfortunately, Smells Like Teen Spirit isn’t featured as prominently as I would have liked to have seen. In fact, for most of the song, it’s completely absent.

There are a couple instrumentals thrown in and the track is certainly sped up but overall the mashup has a nice flow to it and it makes for an enjoyable listen. It has a bit of a techno/disco vibe to it but it sounds good.

Check it out and enjoy!

[audio:|titles=Smells Like The Morning After]