Mashup of The Day – July 7, 2010

Mashup Of The Day is a daily column that will take a look at new mashups that are circulating around the internet. Today’s mashup is called Love Exploder and is done by G3RSt.

The mashup is made up of the following:

Tenacious D – Master Exploder
Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love
(+ extra beats & fx)

I’ve never really heard any remixes involving Tenacious D that actually came out sounding good but this remix changes that. Black’s vocals go perfectly over the classic Jefferson Airplane tune and the two songs sound like they were made to go together.

I usually don’t like Tenacious D, remix or no remix I’ve never been a fan of them. I do really enjoy this remix though. These two songs were made in completely different eras of music yet they still manage to sound so good together.

Check it out and enjoy!

[audio:|titles=Love Exploder]