Mashup Of The Day – July 9, 2010

Mashup Of The Day is a daily column that will take a look at new mashups that are circulating around the internet. Today’s mashup is called The Wavin Flag Mashup and is done by Mashup-Germany.

The mashup is made up of the following:

K’naan – Wavin’ Flag

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody

Fettes Brot – Das traurigste Mädchen der ganzen Stadt

Matisyahu – One Day

Absolute Beginner – Rock on

Whitney Houston – My Love is Your Love

Xavier Naidoo – Seine Straßen

Counting Crows – Mr. Jones

Gentleman – Jah Guide The City

Jamaram – Oh my Gosh

I thought this would be a good mashup to share since the World Cup is going on and Wavin Flag seems to be the official song for it. This is a mashup involving a ton of songs and usually when you mix more than 2 or 3 songs it comes out pretty bad. This works though, it is a bit too busy at times but overall it sounds pretty good.

The primary songs are of course Wavin Flag, Use Somebody, One Day and My Love Is Your Love. I think some of the other songs were a bit unnecessary as they don’t add a whole lot but nevertheless it’s still worth a listen.

Check it out and enjoy!

[audio:’%20Flag%20Mashup.mp3|titles=The Wavin Flag Mashup]