Mat Zo Remixes Porter Robinson And Madeon’s “Shelter”


Back in August, Porter Robinson and Madeon took the internet by surprise with the release of their collaborative single “Shelter,” a dreamy dance pop tune that inspired their tour of the same name. Following up on the release of his latest EP Mad, Mat Zo is resurfacing to offer up his own version of “Shelter.” The DJ dropped his remix during a recent gig in San Diego and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

We haven’t seen too many producers taking on “Shelter” yet, and we’re glad to see Mat Zo step up to the plate for a remix. His version opens with some surprising tropical elements, as breezy pads, strummed guitar notes and hand percussion loops kick things off. The song’s vocals then enter the mix, as Zo works in four on the floor rhythms and echoed melodies. Things then take an unexpected turn in the second half of the track, as wailing electric guitar riffs are layered over a backdrop of stuttering bass and driving beats.

“Shelter” isn’t the first Porter Robinson song Mat Zo has remixed, but it’s definitely one of his more inventive reworks. With plenty of interesting production touches and a solid sound to back it up, Mat Zo‘s take on “Shelter” ranks as a worthy remix and we hope to see it receive an official release in the near future.