Mat Zo Takes On Porter Robinson And Madeon With “Shelter” Remix


Hot off the heels of his recent Mad EP, Mat Zo is back to offer up a fresh remix of Porter Robinson and Madeon‘s smash collaboration “Shelter.” The producer had first unveiled his version of the tune last month during a live show, and fans were excited by the prospect of an official release. Now, it’s finally here and the results are nothing short of stunning.

Remixing Porter Robinson’s material is no small task, especially with an instant classic like “Shelter.” Unsurprisingly though, Mat Zo proves he’s up to the task as he offers up a unique rework. His remix opens with tropical tinged hand percussion loops, breezy guitar strums and pastoral synths. From there, the catchy vocal track from “Shelter” enters the mix and that’s where things really take off. Moving past the first verse, Zo picks up the energy with crashing rhythms and rolling synths, before diving into a raucous guitar solo towards the end of the mix.

Mat Zo’s forward thinking production skills make him a natural candidate for a remix of “Shelter,” and he doesn’t disappoint. “Shelter” is the kind of song that could easily be ruined in the remix process, but Zo blends his unique style with the single’s best elements to deliver a thoughtful rendition that doesn’t compromise the original.