Matisse & Sadko Bring It Down With Memories


We’re all for artists proving their versatility, and Matisse & Sadko‘s latest track accomplishes exactly that. The Russian duo have had a massive couple of months with two Martin Garrix collaborations propelling them into the mainstream orbit, and they appear eager to capitalize on that momentum by following those collaborations up with the debut of an unexpected original.

And indeed, “Memories” abandons the exhilarating main stage melodrama of “Dragon” and “Break Through The Silence” with a more back-to-basics deep/future house groove. Driven largely by soulful, pitch-shifted vocals and a reminiscent rave piano melody, the track still keeps much of the percussive elements of the progressive house anthems that have garnered the outfit attention recently, ensuring the song some measure of playability throughout the remainder of the festival season.

Love him or hate him, we’ve gotta thank Garrix for introducing us to Matisse & Sadko. If their recent releases are any indicator, they’ll be an act to watch in the years to follow.