Matisse & Sadko Preview Their Ice Hockey World Championship Anthem


Frequent Martin Garrix collaborators Matisse & Sadko took to SoundCloud yesterday to share some new material with their fans, dropping a preview of the anthem they produced for the 2016 Ice Hockey World Championship. The sporting event kicked off in early May in their home country of Russia, and the duo contributed music to help commemorate the tournament.

“Go!” features an exilirating production, complete with the duo’s signature spiraling lead sounds and powerful electro-percussion. Matisse & Sadko display their unique ability to fuse massive energy and memorable melodic hooks here, resulting in a powerful anthem for the ice sport. At just over a minute long, the preview for “Go!” packs a punch and definitely leaves you wanting more.

Matisse & Sadko‘s theme for the hockey championship serves as a fitting musical accompaniment for the high octane sport, and will no doubt leave fans impatient for the full release. Plus, it may even convert a few EDM fans into full fledged hockey enthusiasts.