Max Vangeli Delivers NoFace Records’ First Summer Anthem With “Stay Out”


Max Vangeli may have launched NoFace Records several months ago, but only now has he put out a track with the sort of mass appeal that could ensure it placement throughout the festival circuit. “Stay Out” featuring Connor Foley is just that sort of song, and it’s arrived at just the right time of the season.

Driven by an acoustic guitar melody in the beginning before stabs from a strings section replace hoover synth stacks at the chorus, “Stay Out” relies predominantly on instrumental samples. Aside from the progressive house-reminiscent percussion, the only exception is Foley’s vocals, which infuse an anthem-like quality into the production.

“Stay Out” isn’t the most challenging piece of music Max Vangeli has ever released, to be sure – but it’s safe to say it’ll serve its intended purpose. And besides, NoFace Records is still a fledgling imprint, so he’s got plenty of time to shape it as the 2016 festival season unfolds.