Meet Dillon Francis’ Latest Character Emo Preston


While Dillon Francis has won over listeners with his hard hitting moombah rhythms and his knack for creating dancefloor hits, his enduring comedic charm has served as a primary reason fans have come to love the DJ. Who could forget his hilarious antics as DJ Hanzel, or his one-sided conversations with his pinata Gerald? The fun doesn’t stop there though, as Francis has just unveiled his latest character: Emo Preston.

As you might expect from the name, Emo Preston is a downtempo character with an “IDGAFOS” sort of apathy to the world. In his own words, Preston explains that he loves both crying and My Chemical Romance, all with his bangs pushed aside in a manner that would make teenage Myspace users circa the early 2000’s proud. You can check out a video of the character here.

The introduction of Emo Preston comes just shortly after Dillon Francis announced the first ever headlining show for DJ Hanzel, and at this point the comedic producer has enough funny characters that he should just take them all on tour. Can you imagine a Dillon Francis show, with opening acts DJ Hanzel and Emo Preston? Instant classic.

In the meantime, we’re still waiting on Dillon Francisupcoming collaboration with G-Eazy. Stay tuned for more on that one in the weeks to come.