Meghan Trainor Premieres Emotional Music Video For “Better”


Meghan Trainor’s music videos for her latest album Thank You have been filled with fun choreography, as clips for “No” and “Me Too” show off visuals that match the tone of the tracks effortlessly. Trainor decided to shake things up a bit though with her new single “Better,” as its video tugs on the heartstrings, taking a beautifully written narrative format in place of usual dance numbers.

At first glance, you wouldn’t think “Better,” which features rapper Yo Gotti, could be the kind of tune that has such a somber video to it. It’s not exactly a ballad, but it isn’t Trainor’s marquee pop powerhouse track, either. Instead, it’s a bare bones mid-tempo track with an addictive drum beat, and the music video for it complements it perfectly.

Starring actor Beau Bridges, the video appears more like a short film than it does a music video with its six minute runtime. It revolves around Trainor’s character and her life of dealing with her alcoholic grandfather’s antics, featuring Yo Gotti playing the role of bartender and Bridges making a trip to the county jail. The “Better” music video is by far Trainor’s best to date, and it’s rare occurrence of when a pop music video actually has some depth to it.

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